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Obstetrical Coordinators

A Helping Hand

SOGA Obstetrical Coordinators

Marylou Rodriguez, Liz Soklaski
and Vicki Mozdzen

We realize that pregnancy can be a hectic experience. That's exactly why our obstetrical coordinators are here to help.

The “OB team” is the mom-to-be’s partner at SOGA for managing your obstetrics care. The team is made aware of your pregnancy during your first “OB” visit. From that visit through your entire pregnancy, the OB team is there to answer questions you may have, discuss the results of your laboratory tests and arrange for outside consultations, when necessary. You can even call the OB team to discuss post-partum challenges you may have. They can be reached during the week Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4:30 pm. Please call their direct number at (908) 722-0359.

These pregnancy specialists are tasked with helping you have an outstanding pregnancy experience.