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Essure Permanent Birth Control

For when you are sure

Essure at Somerset Obstetrics and Gynecology

Every woman knows when she’s done. The decision to have no more children is highly personal and individual. When there’s no more doubt, the next step is to achieve that goal with the least complication and risk possible. When you are done having children, Essure is an effective permanent birth control. Besides being surgery-free and hormone-free, Essure is performed in as little as ten minutes with no slowing down to recover so you can get back to your family right away.

Essure is a 30 minute in-office procedure where metal coils are placed in the fallopian tubes. There are no incisions and no general anesthesia. During the next three months, your body naturally scars around the tubes, blocking the sperm and egg from ever coming together. The effectiveness of this procedure is superior or equal to all forms of birth control and/or sterilization procedures.

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Patients who have had this procedure recommend it highly to their friends. Essentially painless, quick and more affordable than expensive hospital and outpatient surgery stays, Essure is an excellent option for when you’ve made your decision. Please contact our Bridgewater office (908) 722-2900 to schedule an appointment and evaluation to see if you are a candidate!